Please help Loki!


Dear Friends and Supporters,

This is Loki. He is an owner surrender to our Rescue and is now fighting for his life. Loki came from what we’re guessing is a backyard or puppy mill breeder in MO. He was/is riddled with coccidia, clostridium, parasites and has mega esophagus, a condition where the esophagus is enlarged and cannot push food down into his digestive tract. Loki’s foster was managing is ME well when his GI issues erupted landing him in the ER. They are inserting a feeding tube today. The vet bill is currently approximately $3500 and climbing. If you’d like to donate please do so via the link, through PayPal or Zelle to or Venmo @corgisandfriends.

UPDATE: Loki is brighter these days, tolerating feedings through his tube, peeing and pooping, and sleeping lots. Trying to regain his strength is our main goal right now. We received the final invoice from MU the other day and our grand total for Loki is now $10,053.50. We've received $5,816.00 in donations but could still use more if you're able. Thanks so much for your support of Loki.

UPDATE: Loki is being released today! It's not over yet though! He's heading to University of MO for a swallow study. We're doing everything we can to give this little guy the best shot at a healthy life. Grand total at WRAH is $5,280.15 and swallow study is $1500-$2000. Thank you all so much for your donations and making this possible for Loki.


We have set up his own FB page where you can follow his progress and journey 


If you’d like to donate to his vet care, please do so via the link, through PayPal or Zelle to or Venmo @corgisandfriends.

We are a 501 c3 so your donation is tax-deductible. 

             CCFR thanks you for your support!