Please help these three girls!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

CCFR would like to introduce our friends and followers to three special girls weighing in at just 5# each; Precious (9), Grailey (5), and Goldie (5). Their owner passed away recently and the family surrendered them to a shelter. These girls are super sweet and just had their world turned upside down. They were terrified but are now in CO in foster homes.


They made their Christmas wish list early so they can get adopted before the holidays. They don’t want toys or clothes or treats. These girls want something they never got before- vet care. They all need dental work badly and Goldie has already been to an eye specialist in hopes to avoid surgery but that will come down the road once she sees the orthopedist for her severe luxating patellas and what appears to be a fused shoulder joint with limited range of motion.


If you’d like to donate to their vet care and help make their Christmas wish list a reality, you can PayPal

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             CCFR thanks you for your support!